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Colorbond Roofing & Cladding

0.48mm gauge Custom Orb Colorbond Roofing project Corrugated (Stramit)

Corrugated (Stramit)

The most common of metal roofing profiles, Corrugated (Stramit), for over 5 degree pitch, is typically found on residential homes.

PRCS Snap Lock (Prestige)

PRCS Snap Lock

Snap Lock is exclusively available here at Prestige Roofing & Cladding Supplies. It suits almost any roof over 1 degree, and is the most premium of the Colorbond range we supply.

Speed Deck Ultra (Stramit)

Speed Deck Ultra® (Stramit)

Stramit's Speed Deck Ultra is used in both domestic and commercial applications, for 1 degree pitch roofs.

Download the Stramit NSW product specs document for more info.

Longspan (Stramit) suppliers

Longspan® (Stramit)

Longspan (Stramit) are for between 5 to 3 degree roofs or more. Best suited for applications needing a different kind of look that's great for speed of install and high foot traffic.

Monoclad suppliers

Monoclad® (Stramit)

Mostly for low pitch roofs down to 3 degrees, Monoclad (Stramit) is more common on large commercial projects.

Longline 305

Longline 305

Longline 305 is an alternative to the Snaplock roofing profile.

PRCS Nail Strip (Prestige)

PRCS Nail Strip

Nail Strip is only available at Prestige Roofing & Cladding Supplies and is suitable for walls only. This exclusive panel is the most premium of the Colorbond range we supply for walls.

PRCS Interlocking Panels (Prestige)

PRCS Interlocking Panels

For a different spin on wall cladding, this is the most premium of the Colorbond range only available from Prestige Roofing & Cladding Supplies. Click the image for an article on our interlocking panels.

Mini Rib Minirib

Minirib® (Stramit)

Minirib is only suitable for walls and is a basic and simple cladding for both domestic and commercial applications.

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Prestige wishes to advise the following. That all metals will expand and contract at different rates. This expansion can and will move adhesives overtime and can result in a natural wave to a metal materials. This is not a defect but a natural occurrence when working with sheet metal. Prestige will work to the closest of tolerance but reserves the right to a margin of 2.5mm tolerance on products and services provided. Prestige can not warrant nor accept any responsibility on any product once removed from the main premises of prestige for external treatment or other applications out side of the original manufactured state, not limited to the unknown use of products after purchase.