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Technical Info and Quality Advice

We've collated here a useful set of documents for technical information, product data and brochures. Plus, we've got a growing series of our own How-To articles to help with everything from ordering Flashing to standing seam roofing.

Prestige Roofing VMZinc Technical Info Book

PDF Downloads

  • Prestige & VMZinc Technical Book

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  • PRCS Nail Strip Panel Installation Manual

  • Download
  • PRCS Snap Lock Panel Installation Manual

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  • PRCS Interlocking Panel Installation Manual

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  • Velux Skylights Brochure 2018

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  • Stramit NSW Roofing, Walling, Rainwater and Structural specs

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  • KME Rolled Materials, Sheets and Plates specs

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  • PGA Proctor Wraptite SA Brochure

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  • Ace Gutters Rainwater Goods NSW & ACT

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Advice and DIY Articles

Building Advice & Supplies Magazine

Check the latest releases from our Flipboard Magazine, featuring Tips, Videos and Projects from suppliers and builders. We're covering everything from roofing to wall cladding and construction . . .

Quadro Profile Roll Forming Demo

Demo Video: Quadro Profile Roll Former

Here we demonstrate the Quadro profile rolling machine at the Prestige factory, cutting custom sheets rather than direct feeding from the coil. This demonstration shows the Standing Seam profile being produced in Nordic Brown Copper, and goes through our process . . .

Soudal T-Rex Power Fast Grab

Demo Video: 1 second Sealant Demo with the Soudal Fast Grab

Watch as we demonstrate this full sealant with 320kg of grabbing power per 10cm² and an immediate grab of one second when pressed together . . .

Disc Bender Specialty Roofing Tools by Freund

Demo Video: the Freund Disc Bender, Specialty Roofing Tool

Watch as we demonstrate at the Prestige factory a 180-degree fold on a piece of zinc using this quality roofing tool . . .

Oil Canning in Metal Roofing and Wall Cladding

Oil Canning in Metal Roofing and Wall Cladding

Oil Canning can be defined as visible waviness in the flat areas of metal roofing and metal wall panels. In technical terms, oil canning is referred to as elastic buckling (more commonly known as “stress wrinkling”) . . .

Metal Flashing folding machine

Don't be another statistic! Flash it right and make it water-tight!

Far too many times we have been contacted at Prestige by builders having to retro-fit flashings to the wall of a structure, or a skylight. All because it was not going to "look pretty" . . .

Interlocking panels VMZinc Quartz

Is it necessary to put the top hat section into the Interlocking Panels?

We get a lot of calls from customers and clients asking if it is really necessary to put the top hat section into the interlocking panels . . .

Copper standing seam roofing

5 Steps for Standing Seam Roofing

Here are five little steps for making your Standing Seam Roofing job that little bit better . . .

Metal Flashing

Ordering Flashing?

When ordering your custom flashing, here are a couple tips . . .

Oil Canning on Metal Panels

What is Oil Canning on a Metal Roof?

Metal roofing materials expand and contract due to temperature variations, so panels will have a level of oil canning . . .

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Prestige wishes to advise the following. That all metals will expand and contract at different rates. This expansion can and will move adhesives overtime and can result in a natural wave to a metal materials. This is not a defect but a natural occurrence when working with sheet metal. Prestige will work to the closest of tolerance but reserves the right to a margin of 2.5mm tolerance on products and services provided. Prestige can not warrant nor accept any responsibility on any product once removed from the main premises of prestige for external treatment or other applications out side of the original manufactured state, not limited to the unknown use of products after purchase.