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We've collated here a useful set of documents for technical information, product data and brochures. Plus, we've got a growing series of our own How-To articles to help with everything from ordering Flashing to installing letterboxes.

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Oil Canning in Metal Roofing and Wall Cladding

Oil Canning in Metal Roofing and Wall Cladding

Oil Canning can be defined as visible waviness in the flat areas of metal roofing and metal wall panels. In technical terms, oil canning is referred to as elastic buckling (more commonly known as “stress wrinkling”) . . .

Metal Flashing folding machine

Don't be another statistic! Flash it right and make it water-tight!

Far too many times we have been contacted at Prestige by builders having to retro-fit flashings to the wall of a structure, or a skylight. All because it was not going to "look pretty" . . .

Interlocking panels VMZinc Quartz

Is it necessary to put the top hat section into the Interlocking Panels?

We get a lot of calls from customers and clients asking if it is really necessary to put the top hat section into the interlocking panels . . .

Copper standing seam roofing

5 Steps for Standing Seam Roofing

Here are five little steps for making your Standing Seam Roofing job that little bit better . . .

Metal Flashing

Ordering Flashing?

When ordering your custom flashing, here are a couple tips . . .

Custom Copper Letterbox

3 Steps to Installing your new Letterbox

Custom metal letterboxes are a quality addition to any business or home. Here are 3 quick steps for installation . . .

Oil Canning on Metal Panels

What is Oil Canning on a Metal Roof?

Metal roofing materials expand and contract due to temperature variations, so panels will have a level of oil canning . . .