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Real Zinc Sheeting Supplies

Genuine Zinc Sheeting Supplies, Sydney

Zinc Sheets cut to any size

Prestige Roofing is one of the only companies that sells a minimum order of 100 x 100 mill Zinc and will cut to any size.

We sell real Zinc, not zinc-coated steel used for Colorbond roofing like Zincalume® or Zincanneal®. This is pure Zinc sheeting, highly malleable and durable.

Zinc sheeting is eco-friendly due to its low toxicity nearly 100% recyclable nature. It's popular with green-conscious home builders, as Zinc Roofing ensures water run-off from won't collect extra chemicals that can taint groundwater and soil.

Custom-made Urn in VM Mill Finished Zinc

Restoration and Heritage use

Beautiful Parisian rooftops are the best example of this material, shining with the natural patina of zinc, installed in the late 19th-century when it was increasingly popular metal in Europe.

Right here in Australia, historically a lot of projects were done with zinc sheeting, copying turn-of-the-century French and Victorian architecture. Today, many builders and architects are turning to Prestige Roofing to supply them with the material to re-create these same structures.

Zinc is used for countless applications, and we'll cut to any size and there is no minimum amount.

Zinc-top bar, Mosman Hotel

In addition to supplying Zinc for Roofing and Cladding projects:

✔ Zinc is a sought-after material by artists
✔ We've supplied scientists with zinc anodes for their metal-comparison experiments
✔ Boating enthusiasts also seek zinc alloy anodes for their vessels

Whatever your requirements are, get in touch with our staff or come in and see us today.

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Prestige wishes to advise the following. That all metals will expand and contract at different rates. This expansion can and will move adhesives overtime and can result in a natural wave to a metal materials. This is not a defect but a natural occurrence when working with sheet metal. Prestige will work to the closest of tolerance but reserves the right to a margin of 2.5mm tolerance on products and services provided. Prestige can not warrant nor accept any responsibility on any product once removed from the main premises of prestige for external treatment or other applications out side of the original manufactured state, not limited to the unknown use of products after purchase.